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About me

Rose Pendleton, previously known as “Emma Rose Evans” from 2008-2011, is a thirty-four-year-old actress, fashion mogul, entrepreneur, and multimedia artist from Southern California.

Pendleton’s career focuses on acting and film, modeling, writing, digital media (digital photography, videography, web design, multimedia design, and graphic design), and fashion design.

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Rose Pendleton’s Network

Since 2005, her brand has expanded, and now includes the following companies:

I’m A Jerk Industries, an original urban clothing brand focusing on silk-screened tees, totes bags, tank tops, and a variety of handmade accessories. The first collection “Kids Like Me Don’t Get Famous” made its debut on June 5, 2009, and has been featured in several feature films, music videos, magazines, and runways. It has been worn by several celebrities, including Skye Sweetnam of Sumo Cyco, Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter, and season 2 of the hit TV show “The Voice”. Audrey Kitching, a professional fashion model, and several others. All silk screening is done by hand in Southern California by Rose Pendleton giving each design a unique feel and look. I’m A Jerk went on hiatus in 2015 and will return with a different type of artwork at a later time.

Lilac Babes, began originally in 2013 under the name “Wild Violet” before changing a year later to “Rogue Daisies” in order to expand past the color purple, but later closed and reopened with the original idea using “Lilac Babes”. After it’s first collection “Wanderer’s of the Night” premiered in November of 2016, Rose took a break in order to expand the retail shop to include a new clothing brand with a different style than her original line “I’m A Jerk”. Lilac Babes merged together with Pendleton’s successful Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog “Rosie Says Hello” and will relaunch in the Summer of 2021 with both new original designs all focusing on designs in shades of purple and “OUT OF THIS WORLD” items referring to aliens, UFOs, astrology and astronomy. It also has a social network called The Lilac Life for “Babes” to join to meet and keep up with other fans.

Aliens With Mustaches is also linked as a sister site that updates visitors with UFO Sightings. Another sister site linked to Lilac Babes is a horror film review site.

Lion Nectar Studios, originally named StereoSix from 2007 – 2009, is an online design and photography studio, that offers services in graphic, web & multimedia design, photography, videography, editing, event coverage, and occasionally film production. Pendleton’s clothing brand went by StereoSix for a short time when it first launched. Her photography work and prints are under Rose Pendleton, while professional work is credited using her design and photo studio name Lion Nectar Studios.

Prior to these companies, Rose used several other company names including the stage name “Emma Rose Evans” from the years 2008 until 2011.